Trophy Wife Tip: Dress Comfort

Ladies, can I talk to you about chub rub? That’s the technical term for when your thighs rub together when you walk.  (sexy, right?)

With this unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having in Michigan, (90 degrees at the end of September??? WHAT?) I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses.

You’ve seen pictures of me, so you know that while I’ve been making progress with my fitness, I mos def do not have a thigh gap!  I love wearing dresses, though, so I’ve tried a few solutions to try and combat the chub rub.

One option is to wear a thigh slimmer ( like this one) that will give you some shaping in the thighs, hips, and waist.  This type of garment is pretty structured and can feel pretty warm under a dress.  Not ideal for a hot summer day!

I’ve also tried a slip short, which is similar to a thigh slimmer, but has less control in it and doesn’t come up as high on the waist.  This is great when you want some smoothing without the restrictiveness of a thigh slimmer, or if you have a more sheer fabric dress and want a little more modesty.  I actually have this style from the JKY line at Target and love it.  The only problem that I’ve found is that the bottom tends to show when I sit down in a shorter dress.  Not cute!

The best solution that I’ve found for me is a product that I hope most of you are using on a daily basis.  Are you ready for this??? It’s deodorant!

It’s no secret! this stuff is magic!

Seriously- take the deodorant that you are using for your underarms and rub some on your inner thighs.  It totally prevents chafing, aka chub rub.


deodorant dress
Cool and comfy in my summer dress!


This has been today’s Trophy Wife Tip! I hope you enjoyed!

Tell me in the comments if you have any other easy wardrobe hacks!

Cleaning and Organizing

Trophy Wife Tips: How to Clean your Keurig

Friends, I am a coffee addict.  I start my day with a cup every day and continue to refill said cup multiple times a day.  When I still worked a corporate job, I’d spend upwards of $50 a week at the Starbucks in the lobby!  Thankfully, I work from home now, but that means that my Keurig 2.0 gets quite the workout!  In order to keep it functioning and pumping out that magic liquid, I try to clean it periodically.  It’s super easy to do and I’m going to tell you how!

So, how do you know when it’s time to clean your Keurig?  For me, it was when I noticed it wasn’t brewing full cups anymore.  At first I thought it was malfunctioning, but after a simple google search, I read  that you should actually clean the inside of the machine, not just the outside parts.

Here’s how you do it…

First, remove the little tray thingy (technical term) that holds the K-cup and wash it in warm soapy water.  Be careful- there are sharp needles that can poke you in there.

keurig 4

Next, fill the reservoir with 50% water at 50% white distilled vinegar.

keurig 1


Next, place a cup under the spout and set the machine to dispense hot water.  Unfortunately, the Keurig 2.0 only allows you to make 6 oz of hot water at a time, so you will have to do this several times until the reservoir is empty.  Grab a chair and a book and sit next to your Keurig.

keurig 2

keurig 3
Ew. And this was my third cup that I ran through!


Once you’ve emptied the reservoir, remove it from the machine and wash in warm soapy water to rinse out any vinegar residue. (unless, of course, you like pickle flavored coffee)

Once the reservoir is cleaned, fill with water and repeat the process of dispensing hot water one cup at a time. (no vinegar this time- just water)  I usually do this twice to avoid aforementioned pickle coffee.  Once may be enough, but I don’t like to take any chances with my brewed goodness.

You should probably complete this cleaning process once every 2-3 months to keep your Keurig running well.  Admittedly, I only do it once or twice a year (oops!) but I definitely need to do it more often.

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