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The Great Closet Clean Out – Shoes and Accessories Edition

Hello readers! As I mentioned here I’m doing a huge closet clean out.  I have a tendency to hold onto clothes and shoes way longer than I should, so I decided to put a plan in place to purge the items that I don’t wear or don’t love, and potentially replace some items with more quality/classic pieces.

I started last week with shoes, which in retrospect should have been my last step because holy moly did this take forever.  I’m a shoe hoarder.  I have a huge problem.  I’ve worked in retail my whole life, including stores and buying offices, and most of my career was spent in the shoe department.  Let’s just say I’ve definitely taken my work home with me over the years and accrued upwards of 100 pair.

I started the shoe purge process early last week and it took me a full week to get through it all.  Choosing to get rid of shoes, even if they were too small or hadn’t been worn in years was like getting rid of children.

shoe progress_2
Just a few of my sacrificial babies!

I started by removing all of the shoes that I knew were too small for me.  Age and pregnancy have made my feet expand over the years and most of my fun sneakers are way too tight.  I was able to sell a lot of them on Facebook Marketplace, since many were in like new condition and kept in the boxes.

I then went through and trashed any shoes that were in disrepair. (think worn out Old Navy flip flops, running shoes with worn down soles, etc.)

Next I removed duplicates.  I had two pairs of nude pumps, two pairs of identical black pointy toed ankle boots from Nine West, and three pairs of very similar black pumps. I kept the pair that was in the best condition and fit the best and put the duplicates in the sell/donate pile.

Next I took an honest inventory of the shoes that I own and tried to date the last time I wore them.  If I haven’t worn them in a year, they got the boot. (no pun intended) A few exceptions were made for special occasion shoes and shoes that I love too much to part with.  The latter category is going to be revisited in six months, though.  If I still haven’t worn them at that point, then they don’t need to be taking up space in my closet!

I then took all of the shoes out of boxes and displayed them on the shelves so I could actually see what I have.  I put the shoes that I wear the least often on the higher shelves and the ones that I wear most frequently on the more accessible shelves.  Again, a few exceptions were made.  Tall boots are staying in boxes for now until I can find a way to store them while still keeping their shape.  Also, some of my more collectible sneakers are staying in boxes to preserve their resale value if I decide to sell more later.

In all, I purged about 30 pairs of shoes!  As I mentioned, I have already sold a few pair on Facebook Marketplace.  The remaining will be taken to a consignment store and whatever they don’t take will be dropped off at Goodwill.

Here are some before and afters!

Shoe disaster!
Shoes after 2
Nice and neat and room to add one more pair… 🙂


I felt so accomplished after getting the shoes in order that I decided to jump ahead to accessories.

I didn’t have a lot to purge here, but I wanted to get my purses out of the laundry basket on the floor and onto a shelf.  Purging so many shoes made room to do just that.

Before and after pics of the purses:

Shoes after 1
So much better! Now I can see what I have!


I’m still working on this closet project and hope to have it done in the next two weeks! Stay tuned for the next installment in the series- Dresses!

P.s. I hope you will join me in this closet clean out project! If you are on instagram, please take photos and use #trophywifegreatclosetcleanout so I can keep up with your progress and we can hold each other accountable!