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A Disappointing Weigh in

You ever feel like you’ve done everything right and things just don’t go your way on the scale?

I’m sure having one of those days!

I worked my program this week the way you are meant to.  I tracked everything.  I had blue dots 5 out of 7 days and I didn’t even go near using all of my weeklies.  I also had 49 fit points that I didn’t eat.

I was SO excited to get under the next “decade” of pounds today. (I was only 0.6 lbs away!)

But then…

I stepped on the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting, and it said I GAINED .4 pounds!

My face when I saw the scale

I was SO ANNOYED.  How could this happen?  I was a model weight watcher this week!  Looking back at my week, there is nothing that I would go back and do over.  I even ordered naked tenders and a side salad at Buffalo Wild Wings, FFS!

My leader came over and chatted with me because she could see that I had an attitude.  I told her what happened and talking to her really helped me to reframe my disappointment.

She told me to get my app out and look at my last few weeks.  And then to look at my graph from the beginning.  I was able to see a steady downtrend of the 11 pounds that I’ve lost since recommitting to Weight Watchers in October.  I’ve had some gains over the holidays and with the stress and lack of routine in moving my family to a new state this month, I had a set back and gained seven pounds thanks to the convenience of Uber Eats.

Sidebar: if you haven’t tried Uber Eats yet and want to, use code eats-paulad67 and you and I will both get $5 off. I don’t recommend ordering from there almost every day for two weeks like I did, though….


The point that I’m trying to make here is that one week doesn’t define my success.  I know that I’m doing the right things to lose weight and improve myself and sometimes the scale is not going to reflect that.

Perhaps I had too much sodium yesterday.  I’ve been doing 80 Day Obsession workouts and my muscles are SORE.  They are probably holding on to a bit of extra water.  Heck, maybe I just needed to go to the bathroom!

I’ve come a long way on this weight loss journey (gawd I hate when people call it their journey… but I don’t know a better word to describe it!).

The photo on the right came across my Facebook memories feed yesterday from two years ago, so I did a side by side.  I’ve lost 33 pounds since then!  Do I have more to go?  Yup.  But am I PROUD of what I’ve accomplished thus far?  You’re damn right!

side by side
Down 33 pounds and one upper lip

If you’re feeling discouraged and not seeing the results you want, please don’t quit!  I know that I’m doing the right things for my body and if I continue to do these things, I WILL get to my goal.  And you will, too! 🙂



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