Weight Watchers Freestyle!

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Weight Watchers, nor am I sponsored by them in any way.  Outside of my meeting leader, they don’t know who I am.  All opinions expressed are my own, and of course if you are thinking about joining, you should consult your doctor.



If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I joined Weight Watchers a couple months back.

I LOVE Weight Watchers.   As a chronic yo-yo dieter, I’ve tried everything- South Beach, Atkins, Slow Carb, Master Cleanse, My Fitness Pal, etc., but Weight Watchers is the only thing that has ever truly worked for me. I used it to lose weight for my wedding, and I had some great success a couple years ago when I rejoined.  I’ve never gotten to goal, though, because I keep giving up. (my issue, not Weight Watchers!)

I am definitely known to start a diet/workout plan, do great for a few weeks, and then fall hard off the wagon and gain everything back and then some.

This time feels different, though.

Since joining WW on October 13, I’ve lost 11.2lbs.  That is including a hiccup where I gained 5.2 the week of Thanksgiving. (Oops!) I’ve thankfully lost that weight plus another pound, so I’m good now!

The fact that I went to the meeting knowing I had a huge gain is how I know it is different.  In the past, if I knew I had gained, I would skip the meeting.  That would lead to more weight gain because I didn’t go to the meeting when I really needed the support.  And then I would think “well, I can’t go back to my weight loss support group until I lose the weight that I gained!” So, I would continue to skip, continue to gain, until I finally just gave up.

I’m learning now that those weeks that are tough are exactly the weeks that I most need the meetings.  My leader is amazing.  The group at my meeting is amazing.  I go to the meetings with two coworkers who are super supportive and definitely help hold me accountable.

And the biggest change that I’m seeing in myself is that I’m tracking everything, even if it’s not “good” food.  In the past, if I had an indulgent day, I’d just not track it.  Like, if I didn’t put it in my tracker, it never happened, right??? Now, I’m tracking the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It has helped me to see the “damage” and come up with strategies to get myself back on track. (work out more, eat under my points for a day or two, etc.)

And you know what?  *Most* of the time, it’s not as bad as I thought it was.  (we won’t talk about this past Friday when I ate 77 points in one day…. pizza, birthday cake, homemade papusas…)

This brings me to my review of the new WW Freestyle program.

Just this past week, Weight Watchers rolled out an update to their program, and though I just started it on Friday, I must say that I LOVE the changes!

First- They added a BUNCH of foods to their Zero Smartpoints list.  There are now 200 foods that I can have that cost me nothing.  And it ain’t just vegetables.  It’s all fruit and vegetables, even corn and peas that used to cost points!  Plus all beans/legumes including black beans, fat free refried beans, kidney beans, and lentils.  And the part I’m most excited about is that several proteins are now zero points, including eggs, plain fat free yogurt, boneless skinless chicken breast, and lean turkey!

yogurt bowl
Zero points for breakfast!

The next amazing thing thing that they have added is the ability to “rollover” unused points!  That’s right, if you don’t use all of your daily points, you can roll over up to 4 per day into your weekly bucket!  Got a big event planned for the weekend?  Be smart with your points and you can roll over up to 24 points for booze!  Well… I’d use them for booze!  You use them on whatever you want!

The only negative that I heard in the meeting was that people were a bit upset that their daily points went down.  This is true- your points go down by about 20-25%.  I used to get 34, now I get 26.  It’s all good though, because SO many of the things that I eat daily and used to spend points on are now zero! My turkey chili recipe is now zero points! In fact, today I’ve had breakfast and lunch and I’ve only used 3 points.

Turkey Chili
Turkey chili (0sp), Fat free cheddar cheese (0sp for 1/4 c) and sour cream (3sp for 2 tablespoons)

Overall, I think Weight Watchers has nailed it again.  This program is the perfect program for me given that my philosophy in life is to maintain balance.  I can eat mostly healthy, with plenty of flexibility for indulgences.  I’m so sure that this is going to be the time that the healthy lifestyle sticks for me and I will get to my goal weight!

Bravo, Weight Watchers!


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