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How to Stay Healthy during the Holiday Season

Hello readers!  The following is another guest post from my buddy Kaitlin.  She’s got some great tips on how to enjoy the holidays without derailing your fitness goals!

Christmas cookies

This can be a tough time of year to keep up your healthy lifestyle. Life gets busy and you skip a workout, then you overeat at family gatherings. It happens to us all! Here are some ways to make it through without throwing your goals out the window.

1. Sweat

Getting in your workout everyday not only helps you maintain your weight, but it also relieves stress. The holidays can bring added stress to all of us. There are parties to attend, dishes to make, and gifts to buy. Give yourself a gift by working out daily and sweating away the stress.

2. Have a plan

Know before you go to a party how you will stick to your plan and not fall completely off the wagon. Can you have a healthy snack before so you won’t be starving when you get there? Can you drink more water and less soda or beer? It’s not about completely eliminating all the comfort foods or your favorite dish that your Grandma only makes during the holidays, its about having it all in moderation. Grab a little bit of your comfort foods and balance that out with lots of lean proteins and veggies. Know before you go what you will do to stick to your goals!

3. Stock healthy meals

Have healthy meals ready to go in your fridge or freezer. Save the comfort foods for family get-togethers. When you are home, you can control the food. Make sure to have plenty of leafy greens, lean proteins, and fruit in your fridge so that you can have everything ready for a healthy lunch or dinner.

4. Start a new tradition

Instead of baking cookies all day, could you start a new tradition of going for a family hike or playing outside in the snow? If you already have a great tradition around baking with your family, then maybe you could add another one that gets you moving!

I hope these tips will help you fight the extra holiday pounds this season and still allow you and your family to enjoy the season! Have some tips of your own? I would love to hear them! Feel free to send me a message!

About Kaitlin:

Kaitlin Zucco is an online health & fitness coach in West Michigan. When she’s not working out at home with her husband and 2 year old daughter, Emma, she enjoys traveling and soaking up as much beach time as possible in Holland.

You can find her through her Fit and Fiesty Facebook page.



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