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The Great Closet Clean Out: Tops Edition

Y’all.  Trying on all of these tops took FOREVER, but I am so glad I did it!  I got rid of so many items that I have been holding onto for no reason.

Same as with the pants process, almost every top I got rid of was because it was too big.  Actually, not a single top was too small for me.  There were some that fit, but just not flattering on my body.

Exhibit A:

ruffle top
This is why you try things on before you buy. Why did I ever think this top was a good idea??

Others fit, but I just never wear:

floral top
I *want* to like this tee… but I’ve owned it for three years and have worn it twice.

Then we have tops that I legit bought as maternity wear, even though they are from the regular women’s department.  Why am I still holding onto these tents???

I also discovered many shirts that were too tight post pregnancy for various reasons, but now fit!  I have this shirt in three colors- black, white, and olive.  It’s such a great basic to wear on its own or under a jacket or cardigan.  I’m so glad I tried them on again because they now fit!

olive top

Going through this process has reintroduced countless new wardrobe options for me!  I have so many “new” tops to introduce back into the rotation!   I’ve also freed myself from a bunch of big, baggy tops that I’ve held onto “just in case.” Well, I don’t want “just in case” to happen.  I don’t want to get to the point where I have to wear XL everything.  Getting rid of the giant clothes is taking me out of my comfort zone, but will also be a great motivation to stay on track with diet and exercise.  If I need to buy new, I want it to be SMALLER, not bigger!

As with my pants, I will have to repeat this process again in about 6 months.  There were a few tops that are on the verge of being too big, but I kept because I love them.  Also quite a few that haven’t been worn in more than a year, but that was because they didn’t fit.  If the ones that now fit are not worn in the next six months, they will be going.

Thanks for following along with this closet purge! I will let you know how I make out at the consignment store.  Anything they don’t take is going directly to Goodwill! This stuff is not coming back into my house!

Remember, if you’re doing this with me, please post photos to instagram and use #trophywifegreatclosetcleanout.  I’d love to see your progress!

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