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The Great Closet Clean Out: Pants Edition

Getting rid of pants today was surprisingly satisfying!  Almost all of the pants that I removed from my closet were removed because they are too big!  The scale hasn’t budged much in the past few months, but it is clear that I have lost some inches thanks to all of the strength workouts I’ve been doing.

A reminder of the questions I’m asking myself as I go through clothes in my closet:

  1. Have I worn it in the last year?
  2. Do I love it?
  3. Does it fit?
  4. Do I feel great in it?

If I answer “no” to any of above, the pants got the ax.

Here are a couple “nos”.  The grey pants on the left are WAY too big in the waist!  They definitely had to go!  The olive green jeans on the right may look like they fit, but they are SO stretchy that once I wear them for 10 minutes, they are falling down.  Not a good look!

too small jeans
I won’t subject you to seeing how small these are on me! Straight to the “no” pile!

Here are a couple BIG wins! Both of these pairs of jeans would not even pull up over my thighs at the beginning of this year.  This is why the scale is a liar!  I’m only 3 pounds less than I was in February, but I can now fit into so many pairs of pants now that were not even close just 6 months ago.

The black jeans are still a bit tighter than I’m comfortable with wearing, but they technically “fit” and I love them, so I’m keeping them as I continue my weight loss process.  The dark blue ones, though… holy moly! They not only fit, but I can fit my thumb in the waistband.  p.s. these have NO stretch in them!


I actually didn’t purge as many pants as I was expecting to.  This is a good thing because in trying all of  my pants on, I discovered multiple pairs of pants that have been too small for years but now fit!  Because of this, I won’t have to go out and buy any pants, which I was totally anticipating.  Yay for money in my bank account!

Total purge count: 10 pairs- 8 too big, and 2 too small.

Since I’m definitely not done losing weight, I expect to repeat this process with pants in another 6 months.  My hope is that I will have a lot more that are too big!

Here is my before and after.  I kind of hate those multi-hangers, so I think I’m going to switch out to individual hangers for each pant now that I have the space to do so.

Thanks for following me on this mission to pare down my wardrobe! If you are cleaning your closet as well, please post some photos on Instagram and use #trophywifegreatclosetcleanout!


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